NRL Tipping

NRL Tipping

Welcome to our Inaugral NRL Tipping Competiton. We hope you enjoy the competition and we look forward to celebrating the NRL season with you.

Its really simple to enter! If you are a Redcliffe Peninsula Resident, Property Owner or Business Owner, all you need to do is email your full name, address and mobile number to by no later than 5pm, March 11, 2019.

It’s that simple and its FREE!

Some great prizes are on offer:

1st Prize
4 Burner BBQ
Meat Tray
Carton of Beer

2nd Prize
Dan Murphy’s voucher
Redcliffe Dolphins Beanie

3rd Prize
Dan Murphy’s voucher

Last Place (yes Last place)
Redcliffe Dolphins footy socks, signed by former NRL 300 gamer, Clive Churchill Medal Winner, QLD State of Origin and Australian Representative Scott Prince.

Good luck with your tips! Go Get em!